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Teddy Belly Tiki Glass 450ml

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Description:  The Teddy Tiki Glass is a charming drinking glass that combines elements of tiki culture with a playful and unexpected pairing of the Tiki Teddy and a red belly beaver. This cup is a unique choice for those who appreciate unconventional and lighthearted designs.

The Teddy may be depicted in a relaxed or playful pose, with its arms wrapped around the beaver, creating a delightful and endearing scene. The cup itself showcases traditional tiki design elements, such as the carved, painted tiki face and tropical pattern. The combination of the tiki cup  and beaver adds a touch of unexpected revelation to the overall design.

Its charming design, unique pairing, and playful aesthetic make it a delightful choice for bars and restaurants who enjoy adding a touch of surprise to their tiki-inspired drinking experience.

Diameter: 60mm

Height: 220mm

Certification: EEC, CE / EU, SGS, CIQ, LFGB