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Stag Bottle Pourer

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The Stag Bottle Pourer is a captivating and rustic accessory that enhances the pouring experience while adding a touch of natural beauty to your bottles.

The Stag Bottle Pourer exhibits intricate details that capture the essence of a stag, including its antlers, fur, and facial features. These details add to its visual appeal and rustic charm, creating a sense of connection to nature.

In addition to its functionality, the stag bottle pourer serves as a decorative piece that brings a touch of wilderness and elegance to your home, bar, or any occasion where controlled pouring is desired. It adds a sense of sophistication and natural beauty, making it an excellent conversation starter and a unique way to serve your favourite drinks.

Material: Stainless Steel

Certification: EEC, CE / EU, SGS, CIQ, LFGB