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Owl Tiki Glass 500ml

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Description:  The Owl Tiki Glass is an exciting and enchanting drinking glass that combines the elements of tiki culture with the owl charm. It is a popular choice among tiki enthusiasts who appreciate unique and eye-catching glassware.

Its design showcases an elegant owl figure with a distinct tiki twist. This Tiki glass features the owl's wide, round eyes, a sharp beak, and intricate feather detailing. It is adorned with vibrant shades of green, which emphasise a visually striking appearance. 

The Owl Tiki intricate detailing and playful design make it a delightful and eye-catching choice for those looking to infuse their drinking experience with a sense of adventure and enchantment.

Material: Ceramic

Diameter: 67mm

Height: 97mm

Certification: EEC, CIQ, CE / EU, SGS, LFGB