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Moai Tiki Glass 700ml

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Description:  The Moai Tiki Glass is a classic and iconic drinking cup that pays homage to the monumental stone statues found on Easter Island, known as Moai. It embodies the spirit of Polynesian culture and the mystique surrounding these enigmatic stone figures.

The Moai Tiki Glass typically features a stylized representation of a moai head as its central design element. The moai head is characterised by a prominent, elongated face with a strong jawline, a broad nose, and deep-set eyes.

The design of the Moai Tiki Glass is intended to capture the mysterious allure and cultural significance of the moai. It is commonly used to serve tropical cocktails, such as the Mai Tai or Pina Colada, immersing the drinker and allowing them to appreciate the rich history and artistry of the Pacific Islands.

Diameter: 67mm

Height: 170mm

Certification: EEC, CE / EU, SGS, CIQ, LFGB,