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Kahiko Tiki Glass 340ml

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Description:  The Kahiko Tiki glass is a traditional and culturally significant Tiki glass that pays homage to the ancient Hawaiian Tiki culture. It embodies the spirit and aesthetics of the ancient Polynesian civilisation and captures the essence of Hawaiian folklore and mythology.

The Kahiko Tiki glass typically features a stylized Tiki face with intricate carvings and details. The design is inspired by the ancient Hawaiian art of woodcarving, which often depicted deities, spirits, or mythical creatures. The Tiki face has a fierce  expressions, with bold lines and pronounced features, alongside a cheetah like body coat. 

The traditional design and craftsmanship brings a sense of authenticity and reverence to the drinking experience, allowing individuals to connect with the rich heritage of the Hawaiian islands.

Diameter: 65mm

Height: 155mm

Certification: EEC, LFGB, CIQ, CE / EU, SGS