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Japanese Swirl Jigger

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The Japanese Swirl Jigger is a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing measuring tool used in cocktail preparation. It is named after its unique design, which features an intricate swirling pattern that is influenced by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and artistry.

This Jigger is not only a functional measuring tool but also a decorative piece that can enhance the visual appeal of your bar setup or home bar. Coming in 5 different colours, Its unique design can serve as a conversation starter and add touch of sophistication to your cocktail presentation.

The Japanese Swirl Jigger combines functionality with artistic beauty, making it a favoured choice among cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate both precision and visual appeal. Its durable construction, engraved measurement markings, and intricate swirl design make it a standout tool for accurately measuring and creating visually stunning cocktails.

Material: Stainless Steel

Capacity: 75ml

Certification: EEC, LFGB, CIQ, CE / EU, SGS